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Date:2009-03-19 00:08
Subject:[Voice] This is my Dealt with Ninjas Post.

[Begins slightly breathless, clipped and staggered, strangely blank where some emotion – smugness, anger, fear – wouldn't go amiss. Natural 'um's and 'er's are painfully replaced by dead air.]

Hello. Good afternoon. I have had... visitors. Unwelcome. Unexpected. Un-... clear of their... intentions? They were not... communicative. I think.

These circumstances are... highly improbable, so I am... [dramatic increase in awkward - all his social algorithms are dying messy deaths] I am seeking further information. Necessary components to... reconstruct the cause. Or a solution? I am compiling a list of... the same.

Also, I am seeking information in regards to the conditions... of... of my... [extra long pause: people labels don't conform to a standard formula, do they?] acquaintances? Friends. Assistance would be... welcome.

Have a nice day.

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Date:2009-03-06 00:06
Subject:[[ Text // Public ]]

In regards to the recent announcement,

It had been explained to me that there are five elements that make up the universe: water, wind, fire, earth, and surprise. This last nature has been compromised. This worrisome and it is logical to... concern is a logical response. The present difficulties are undoubtedly causing further instabilities in the fabric of this and neighboring realities. However, this may not be a case in which error propagation has the expected effect. Existing flaws have not yet reached the point in which the entire piece must be "rebooted" (this is a metaphor).

I haven't yet anything like full knowledge of the components involved, nor of their dynamics. There are several ways in which things are... different here. I just thought it might be comforting to remind everyone that in this case, perfection is not the defined ideal. The minute disturbances already felt may well compensate for a large portion of damage done; indeed this could well be their intended function (however intention manifests in this reality). The very presence of uncertainty seems to indicate that this universe will (probably) not shatter before the appropriate responses can be made.

That is to say: there is quantum, still. And this is it. Don't panic yet.

[OOC: Lobsang was not... unaffected. I suspect that he is also wrong. Or at least not right.]

[OOC again: For clarification, Del's absence brings up Jeremy, the sane one. Because.]

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Date:2009-02-04 03:31

Hey Tim,

I'm headed over your way tomorrow afternoon. The train will arrive at station at 2:52pm. If you can make it, I'll be the guy with the lime.

See you. Maybe.

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Date:2009-01-20 23:28

Hello everyone who can read this. I am called Lobsang. This Device is confusing, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. If not now, then certainly later.

I'm not sure how I feel about this city. "Blood Haven"? Sounds pretty ominous, but a lot of people have been very helpful so far, which is pretty ominous too. I'm not from around here, you see, and I'm not sure what I should be doing. Assuming purpose in the first place. (Which I'm not.)

And while I figure this out, I suppose I ought to keep myself occupied make myself useful. I have completed my schooling, no matter what these others may say. Does anyone know what I should do about getting licensed? Or even what Guilds a place called Blood Haven could have?

((OOC: Strike readability is optional.))

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Date:2009-01-17 22:29
Subject:OOC: Screened Post

It occurs to me that screening posts will discourage anonymous comments, but oh well?

Comments are screened.

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Date:2009-01-12 12:55

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